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Attilio Petruccioli

Polytechnic University of Bari / Italy

Ching - Yu Chang
President ASN - Japan

Eckhart Ribbeck

Stuttgart University / Germany

Farrokh Derakhshani

Director/Aga Khan Award for Architecture - Geneva / Switzerland

Howayda Al Harithy

American University - Beirut / Lebanon

Mashary Al-Naim

Dammam University - Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Al-Asad

Chairman/Centre for the Study of the Built Environment - Amman / Jordan

Nasser Rabbat

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) / USA

Nezar Al Sayyad

University of Berkeley- California / USA

Paola Sassi

Oxford Brookes University / UK

Rahul Mehrotra

Chair - Department of Urban Planning and Design - Harvard University

Ronald Lewcock

Cambridge University - England

Sabah Mushatat

Wolverhampton University - England / United Kingdom

Saleh Al Hathloul

King Saud University / Saudi Arabia

Suha Ozkan

Founding President - World Architecture Community USA

Vinicius M. Netto

Universidade Federal Fluminense / Brazil

Editorial Review Board

Amer Moustafa

American University of Sharjah / UAE

Ashraf Salama

Qatar University

Emma Maglio

University of Aix- Marseille - France

Hala Alamuddin

American University of Beirut AUB

Harriet Harriss

Oxford Brookes University / United Kingdom

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British University in Dubai / UAE

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Manchester University / UK

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Riwaq - Beir Ziet

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Damascus University / Syria

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UAE University / United Arab Emarites

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Qatar University

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American University of Sharjah / UAE

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Dubai Municipality / UAE

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Islamic University

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Tunis University

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German-Jordanian University / Jordan

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Lonaard Journal
Lonaard is an international, open access, peer reviewed, online and printed journal, a spin-off Lonaard research and consultancy Group, published from London. The Journal is concerned with the advancement of research in art, architecture, urbanism and related subjects. It currently accepts papers in English and Arabic as two separate Journals, but seeks shortly to include two main other languages to reach out to more scholars around the world.

Lonaard Journal is a quarterly periodical indexed in the United States and Europe, catalogued in the British Library (ISSN (Print) - 2045-8150 / (Online) 2048 - 7673). The Journal, indexed by EBSCO is available to scholars and academics widely. Through the wide range of academics on both the Advisory and Editorial boards, it gained much recognition and appreciation by academics worldwide.
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Issue 15, Volume 3, May 2013

The 15th issue is a special edition on Ajman 6th International Conference about 'City and Security'. To leaf through click here


Guidelines for submitting papers
Scientific Committee
About this issue
Table of contents


1- Studying the Built Environment, Palgrave MacMillan 2004
2- Almohads, The Rise of an Islamic Empire, I.B.Tauris 2011
3- Art in the Service of Colonialism, I.B.Tauris 2012
4- Transport Beyond Oil, Island Press 2013
5- Architecture: The Groundbreaking Moments, Prestel 2012
6- Designing Zero Carbon Buildings, Routledge 2012
7- Town ad Terraced Housing, Routledge 2012
8- Mediterranean Landscape Design, Thames and Hudson 2012
9- The Architect's Home, Taschen 2013
10-Practical Building Conservation (5 Volumes), Ashgate 2012
to download the book reviews file click here
Arab Architects Critics Association in its First Meeting in London - Part 3
Critical Reading in 'Sacred Art and Architecture' (in Arabic)/ Waleed Al Sayed

There are no Arabic papers in this edition

Designing for Personal Security: Privacy Issues and Concerns in Urban Design / Jon Lang
Towards a Resilient City: Urban Planning in Oslo / Eva Irene Falleth
The Disrupted Space: Safety and Security in Traditional Contexts / Gehan Selim & Mohd. Gamal
The Socio-Cultural Paradigm of the City Against Safety and Security / Waleed Al Sayed
Can Sustainable Cities Be Secure Cities / Mike Jenks
The Root of the Problem: The Bad, the Ugly and the Good / Bouzid Boudiaf, Abdul Samad Alkhalidi & Sabah Mushatat
Energy Security and Global Carbon Emissions of Buildings / Khaled Al Sallal
Security, an Added Value in Urban Design / Nabyl Chenaf

Submission Guidelines

Scholars are kindly advised to read the following guidelines:

- All papers should have an abstract of around 400 words followed by key research words. Papers should not exceed 5000 words excluding footnotes and references.
- The Journal accepts papers in English or Arabic. For Arabic Papers, authors are required to provide synopsis of about 400 words in English.
- Papers should contain author(s) name(s), academic rank or title and affiliation.
- Papers should be sent in MS Word format. All material should be uploaded as one zip file via a file sharing website. ONLY a LINK should be sent by e-mail to


Paper structure and writing code
- Text should be supported by clear photographs where necessary with clearly stated references. Illustrations, maps & tables, should be inserted within the text and properly explained.
- Arabic papers should be formatted according to this template following these strict rules Paper Sample - ARABIC
- For English text please adhere to the following code English text format
- For reference format, please check this file Bibliography
- We only accept original work of the writer/co-writers, not published elsewhere.

Guidelines for sending and including photos in papers
- Authors are required to include low-quality photos within papers for evaluation, also photos should be uploaded SEPARATELY with the following quality and format:
- Depending on the size of the photo, the minimum should be 300 KB. If the photo size is large then the resolution should be close to 600 KB. This is to ensure a high quality for the photo in the printed Journal.
- The photo should be saved in ‘CMYK TIFF’, processed by Photoshop, compressed by LZW so that the photo will not lose its resolution when compressed.
- Photos and illustrations used should not infringe copyrights.

For any further inquiries please contact us at

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Issue 15, Volume 3, May 2013.

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Volume 3 - 2013

Issue 15, V3, May 2013

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