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Papers should begin with author(s) names and affiliations, abstract (around 300 words), and research key words.

Text should be around 5000 words excluding footnotes and references.

Authors writing in Arabic must provide synopsis about 400 words in English.

Papers should be sent in MS Word format
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Journal of Art and Architectural Research: LONAARD

Lonaard Journal is an international open access peer reviewed scholarly publication, concerned with the advancement of research in art, architecture, conservation, urbanism and related fields. The Journal reviews papers submitted in English as the main language. However, the Journal supports Arabic, with the collaboration of co-editor, the Chief Editor and the Middle Eastern Review Board. Within the vision to be truely International, the Journal aims to include French and Spanish in the near future, with the assistance of distinguished collaborating co-editors in leading European and South American Universities, to accommodate the wider academic community and scholars.

Lonaard Journal is increasingly gaining worldwide recognition, indexed in the USA and Europe:

Catalogued in the British Library (ISSN (Print) - 2045-8150 / (Online) 2048 - 7673).
Indexed by EBSCO - Art and Architecture.
Recognised by numerous higher education and research councils worldwide.
Available in numerous Library databases.

Lonaard Journal is under review for ranking by:


Lonaard Journal is a spin-off Lonaard Research, Publishing and Consultancy Group, established in London since 2000. It is recognised as one of very few multilingual leading Journals, supported by world cultural agencies such as the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, among others.


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Following is a list of selected special back issues

Vol. 3, Issue 16, 2013 - Special Issue on Conservation

Vol. 2, Issue 8, 2012 - Special Issue on Architectural Criticism

Vol. 1, Issue 6, 2011 - Special Issue on Architecture and Urbanism

Special issues / Flash Format

Following is a list of selected special back issues published in flash format

Vol. 3, Issue 16, 2013 - Special edition on the 3rd International Symposium held in Dubai, December 2012

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