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Publications & Books
Lonaard Group carries out research and aims to become a publishing Group. Currently we publish periodical specialized issues of Lonaard Magazine, however, we aspire to become specialized publishers in areas of interest for distinguished scholars and talented professionals.

Since 2000 we have reviewed books, and provided a wide range of professional reviews on the latest released in subjects of interest for world leading publishing houses such as Phaidon, I.B. Tauris, Thames & Hudson and others.

Book reviews
In this section we provide some interesting titles that interest academics, scholars and students of art and architecture and relevant socio-cultural studies.
Cairo of the Mamluks
Morocco Houses

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Orientalist Tradition in 'Islamic Architecture'
This book examines the concept of ‘Islamic Architecture’. It traces back the origins of the term to the first orientalist expeditions to the Middle East, and explores the different theories behind this extensive usage by travelers. Moreover, it investigates the implications of this use upon the contemporary Arab discourse within the socio-cultural context.

The book puts forwards an argument to understand this term within context. It negates the prevailing conception, or misconceptions, led by a group who relate architecture as multidisciplinary art and science profession to a one influential factor associated solely with religion.
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World Heritage - A Critical Review
This book scrutinizes World Heritage Convention and Charters, and offers key facts and discussions that interest scholars in this subject. It scrutinizes heritage as viable entity, and examines the extent to which the Convention and Charters are effective to decrease the rapid deterioration of heritage.

The book consists of three parts: the first contains a general review of World Heritage Convention and Charters, with an introduction about associated main international organizations. Part II, offers literature review. Part III, presents a discussion related to the extent to which Convention and Charters are viable in the protection of heritage within socio-cultural and ever-changing political contexts. The scope of this book remains limited as it is definitely beyond the possible to offer a fair review or comprehensive discussion about all aspects of the Convention, nor all articles or charters.
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