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Lonaard Heritage Centre
This section is concerned with Arabic Islamic studies. It aims to publish focussed studies on the Arts and architecture of the Islamic World.

The Heritage Centre comprises six sub-sections, each of which specialises in a region, a line of thought or a subject. The Jerusalem Centre focuses on the study of the city for its core value within the Arabic Islamic culture. The Tradition and Modernity dialectic issue remains important as it represents a line of thought within the architectural context. The Islamic studies section deals with a broad line of thought and represent current prevailing theories. It aims to keep up-to-date with current research and contributions by worldwide writers on this issue. The Art Collection section is a continuous search for unique collections, private or public. Rare Books section aims to present and review important titles in the world of art and architecture. And finally, in the Traditional Architecture section we will publish selected articles and up-to-date research on the vast heritage across the Arabic Islamic world.

The Heritage Centre depends greatly on the contributions of professionals as well as academic experts. We aim to present a collection of articles, research, and visual data, so that it becomes a special reference for scholars, students, academics, and professionals.

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