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Lonaard Magazine is an art and architecture peer-reviewed periodical founded in London since 2008


Waleed Al Sayed

Lonaard & Dar Mimar - London

Advisory Board

Attilio Petruccioli

Polytechnic University of Bari / Italy

Ashraf Salama

Qatar University / Qatar

Eckhart Ribbeck

Stuttgart University / Germany

Farrokh Derakhshani

Director/Aga Khan Award for Architecture - Geneva / Switzerland

Harriet Harriss

Oxford Brookes University / United Kingdom

Howayda Al Harithy

American University - Beirut / Lebanon

Mashary Al-Naim

Dammam University - Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Al-Asad

Chairman/Centre for the Study of the Built Environment - Amman / Jordan

Nasser Rabbat

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) / USA

Nezar Al Sayyad

University of Berkeley- California / USA

Ronald Lewcock

Cambridge University - England

Sabah Mushatat

Wolverhampton University - England / United Kingdom

Saleh Al Hathloul

King Saud University / Saudi Arabia

Shaher Rababeh

Hashemite University

Wael Samhouri

Damascus University / Syria

Yasser Elsheshtawy

UAE University / United Arab Emarites

International Review Committee

Ahmed Mohaisen

Islamic University - Gaza / Palestine

Alaeddinne Eljmassi

Islamic University - Gaza / Palestine

Ali A. Alraouf

Qatar University

Amer Moustafa

American University of Sharjah / United Arab Emarites

Azza Eleish

Dar Al-Hekma College - Jeddah / Saudi Arabia

Eman Al Assi

Dubai Municipality / United Arab Emarites

Emma Maglio

University of Aix- Marseille - France

Eslam Al Ghunaimy

Al Khobar University / Saudi Arabia

Farid Al-Qeeq

Islamic University - Gaza / Palestine

Galal Abada

Ain Shams University / Egypt

Hani Al Qahtani

King Faisal University / Saudi Arabia

Hasim Altan

Sheffield University / United Kingdom

Hassan Radoine

University of Sharjah / United Arab Emarites

Jihad Awad

Ajman University / United Arab Emarites

Khaled Al Sallal

UAE University / United Arab Emarites

Khalfallah Boudjemaa

Mseila University / Algeria

Magda Sibley

Manchester University / United Kingdom

Mehdi Sabet

American University of Sharjah / United Arab Emarites

Mirna Nassrah

Lathiqiyyah University / Syria

Mona Helmy

Dar Al-Hekma College / Jeddah / Saudi Arabia

Nabyl Chenaf

American University in Dubai / United Arab Emarites

Nada Al Nafae

King Abdel Aziz University / Saudi Arabia

Nadia Alhasani

The Petroleum Institute / United Arab Emarites

Omar Asfour

Islamic University - Gaza / Palestine

Omar Khattab

Kuwait University - Kuwait

Paola Sassi

Oxford Brookes University / United Kingdom

Rabah Saoud

Ajman University / United Arab Emarites

Rania Khalil

Qatar University / Qatar

Samer Abu Ghazalah

Jordan University / Jordan

Shatha Abu Khafajah

Hashemite University / Jordan

Vinicius M. Netto

Universidade Federal Fluminense / Brazil

Yasser Al Rajjal

German-Jordanian University / Jordan

Yasser Mahgoub

Qatar University / Qatar

Call for papers for Lonaard Magazine
The magazine is released every other month, the 7th issue starting from January 2012

General Theme

Architecture: Urbanism, History & Conservation

Organized by
Lonaard Group -London

From the sixth issue on, it was decided not to assign specific theme any longer. Scholars and authors can send their abstracts and papers to the following email ( Papers will be published as soon as the evaluation process is complete. This will enable the editorial team to include more papers. It will also give 'accepted-subject-to-revision' papers extra time to be re-written by authors to the satisfaction of the scientific committee. It will also mean a desired higher standard, and this will also give more time to submit papers throughout the year with no more deadlines for acceptance.

The following are only suggested themes, and not meant to limit the subjects of papers by any means

Suggested Themes & Research Areas
In order to study and explore this subject, scholars, and academics are encouraged to participate, within these main themes:

Papers within this level may:
- review major successful schemes/case studies within a theoretical framework drawing results.
- put forward an approach to define and understand urbanism based on available data in the record.
- study Arab/Muslim architecture in relation to urbanism.
- study the history of urbanism.
- put forward a theory to better understand the context of urbanism.
- compare, analyze and assess two or more urban schemes with a sense of purpose and meaning.
- explore schools of thought and theories with regard to urbanism in architectural thought.
- investigate urbanism from any other point of view to better understand the subject.

History of architecture
Papers may adhere to one of the following lines of enquiry:
- study meaningfully architecture in general within time scope/ era.
- highlight the evolution of an architectural style in relation to historical event/era.
- study buildings/settlements with relation to time/social/cultural contexts.
- detect a concept/theme/term within architectural discourse across history.
- conduct any other relevant study within this theme.

Papers within this theme may:
- study history of conservation.
- investigate theories of architectural conservation.
- evaluate the terminology used to define conservation/restoration/preservation/adaptive reuse with examples/case studies.
- explore building/settlement conservation/restoration/preservation schemes.
- conduct any other relevant research within this wide subject.

Architecture / Traditional or Contemporary
Papers in this line of enquiry may:
- explore subjects within (theory of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, or architectural design).

Socio-cultural and Anthropoligical Studies
- Studies on the house, its form, function, transformations within local and regional factors are very much encouraged. We will assign one issue to this subject once a year.

Important Dates
No deadlines are set any more. Scholars and authors can now send in their abstracts to be approved, then in the acceptance letter, we will ask authors to send their full papers within a short period no longer than 4 weeks to be evaluated. The appearance of the paper is subject to approval by the Scientific Committee, and subject to the selection of the Editorial to approved papers and the space in each issue. But once a paper has been thoroughly reviewed, approved and revised to the satisfaction of the Scientific Committee that meets the standards of the Magazine, it will be published within 3 forthcoming issues - i.e. within 6 months.

Submission and relevant guidelines

Authors, writers and scholars are advised to read the following guidelines carefully before sending their contributions as failing to adhere to the these strict rules may result in their work declined from publication. From previous experience in editing immature submitted text, this proved to be time consuming and endlessly laborious. While we open the door wide for all scholars to contribute without prejudice, we reserve the right to decline any text that appears to be replete with elementary mistakes before even wasting the time of the review committee, as their job will not be to edit language or typing mistakes which is the sole responsibility of the author. Therefore, we ask everyone to check their work carefully and kindly abide by the following rules:

The length of text, format and submission
- The length of abstracts should not exceed 400 words, articles no longer than 2000 words and full paper submission should not in any way exceed 5000 words excluding footnotes or references.
- Papers and articles could be written in English or Arabic, either way the author should provide synopsis of about 200 words in the other language that of the article or paper.
- Abstracts, papers and articles should contain author(s) name(s), academic rank or title, institution or place of work.
- Abstracts and full paper submissions should be sent in MS Word format by e-mail to

Paper and article structure and writing code
- The use of references should adhere to proper academic practice, the text should be supported with clear photographs where necessary and with clearly stated references. Illustrations, maps & tables, should be inserted within the text and dutifully explained.
- For Arabic text please adhere to these guidelines: Arabic writing code
- For English text please adhere to the following code English text format
- For use of references please check this file Bibliography
- We only accept original authentic work of the writer/co-writers. Any previously published material in part or whole will be rejected and any writer prove to send such work or practice plagiarism of any sort will be banned in the future from any publication with Lonaard Magazine.

Guidelines for sending and including photos in papers
- Authors are required to include low-quality photos within papers for evaluation, if the paper is accepted then the author will be required to re-submit the photos SEPARATELY AGAIN with the following quality and format:
- Depending on the size of the photo, the minimum should be 300 KB, if the photo is in large size then the resolution should be close to 600 KB. This is to ensure a high quality for the photo in the printed version of the Magazine.
- The photo should be saved in ‘CMYK TIFF’, processed by Photoshop, compressed by LZW so that the photo will not lose its resolution when compressed and sent as attachment by email.
- Needless to mention that all photos should be the work of the author for copyrights issue, otherwise the source of the photo must be clearly stated under each photo.

For any further inquiries please contact us at

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Issue 15, Volume 3, May 2013.
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