Dr Waleed Al Sayed

Waleed Al Sayed is an academic, scholar, architect and urban designer. He is the Director of Lonaard and Dar Mimar Group in London (2000-present), and the Editor of Lonaard Architectural Research peer-reviewed Journal established in 2008. His diverse theoretical and practical contributions over the past 25 years reflect his belief in the vital relation between academic research, writing and practice in architecture. He co-founded Arab Architect’s Critics Association (AACA) in 2010 in London, a Pan-Arab-International platform and think tank for scholars, critics and academics.

Dr Al Sayed is a prolific writer and critic on architecture. He has published since 2000 over 350 critical articles (1500-2500 words) in international journals, and over 30 research papers in international refereed journals and symposia. He has participated as a speaker in international symposia, and refereed for a number of international academic and professional organizations. As a visiting Professor, he lectures mainly on theory and history of architecture, conservation, and urban design, and he is often called as an external supervisor and examiner. His research, and writing, interests include heritage conservation and the study of complex buildings, the morphology of urban space, design methodologies and architectural criticism within the question of tradition, identity and globalization. His Ph.D. thesis conducted at UCL/Bartlett explored the extent to which practice was influenced by architectural thought. His published books include: Minarets of Arabia Gulf', (2017), with two forthcoming books: ‘Arab Islamic Architecture: Narrative on Historiography, Cultural Codes and Morphological Patterns’, (2019), and ‘Urban Heritage’ (2019).

Dr Al Sayed has been practicing architecture and urban design since 1989. He works as a consultant and expert advisor for a number of important international organizations on urban development projects, regional planning, housing & conservation schemes (Prince Claus Fund/Netherlands, Jordan, Bahrain, SA, UAE). He has participated, as a lead designer, in the development of key projects across the Gulf and the Middle East; most important are four new satellite cities in Jordan (2005-2006). He was called by the office of His Excellency the Under Secretary of Work and Housing in Bahrain to work as a special advisor (2007). He is appointed by the Aga Khan Award for Islamic Architecture in Geneva as a ‘Nominator’ to recognize potential projects since the 12th cycle 2011-2013 He has established Dar Mimar and designed numerous private and public projects across the Middle East (since 1993). He worked with Rasem Badran (1989-1995), and was associated with Mohammed Makiyya in London (1997-2000). His early works were influenced by the thought of Hassan Fathy upon a home-visit to the Egyptian architect in Cairo in 1988.

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